Sit with me as an elder who makes you some tea, listens deeply and kindly, holds the pain with you, mirrors back your inner strength and vision.


• Spiritual Counsel in Changing Times

• Deepening Your Meditation Practice

• Discerning Your Spiritual Journey


• Sensing more about your Life’s Purpose


• Loving yourself more deeply



• Weaving happiness into daily life


• Discerning & stepping into Your Unique Gifts


• Applying Mindfulness to a Life Issue


• Holding compelling questions with you





Ceremonial Design & Facilitation


Mark an important transition in your life with a ritual. We’ll look at the arc of what is changing and choose the channels- poetry, movement, symbols, color, and the like- which are most powerful for you in coming to deepen into the transformation that is underway. Can be designed for one person or your community.

To schedule with Kaia contact her
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When my brother died before his time, I knew Kaia would create a personal, ceremony filled with beauty - the kind of beauty that doesn’t shrink from the reality of families falling behind the ideal, even far behind.  But the connection that came and the healing that ensued when she orchestrated our ritual was nothing short of magic.
—Pamela Marie

Kaia has provided the most open-hearted, important guidance. I feel totally encouraged, hopeful and supported when I work with her.  Our sessions are rich with deep questioning  as well as direction on how to live into the answers.

—Pat Nyman

Mindfulness for Changing Times 
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