Do you recall the visionary fire you knew in the ‘6os?


Are you curious about ways to put what inspired you then to use now?

Are you hungry for intergenerational conversations?

We who have fulfilled our roles in the marketplace can respond now to a special calling to protect our offspring and those of other species as the planet warms. Freed from the need to focus so extensively on our own development and visibility amongst peers, we can apply our skills, our love, our creativity to helping forge a more livable future.


Much of the momentum for positive change is coming from  younger generations and yet, those who are raising families and/or building careers often need to  look closely at solutions for near-term issues. We older folk have the privilege and conjoined responsibility to peer into the future at least a generation or two, maybe even seven generations as some cultures teach.


If this proposition intrigues you, consider visiting with me one-on- one or inviting me into your living room with you and some friends. We can talk, reflect, envision, create, design fitting actions.

To schedule with Kaia contact her
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Mindfulness for Changing Times 
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