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Monthly Events


Establishing & Deepening your Practice

3rd Saturday of each month, 3 -5 pm

Rivers’ Way Meditation Center, Ivy Building,

2637 27th Ave S, #201, Mpls, 55406

Fee: $20/ class

Registration:  ksvien@iphouse.com

or 612-722-2650

For people who have taken an MBSR class



January Events


Reclaiming Our Soul from the

Industrial Growth Society


Thursday, January 25th

11:00 am–12:30 pm


Online Interactive Webinar

Register using this link https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_XQW863NBRNStx4L19YW-aQ

if webinar is full, watch it on: https://www.facebook.com/TransitionUS


Registration cost: free


The defining motifs of the industrial growth society include the subjugation of “otherness” – anything that does not align itself with its profit-driven, exploitative, and life-deadening ideology serving the “advancement” of a few at the expense of​ nature, people, and the vibrant, creative energies of our souls. This subjugation is so endemic that the price our inner humanity has paid may seem unclear to us – a common phenomenon when a particular way of life, however destructive, becomes normalized.


In this webinar, we will look more closely at some of our society’s most pervasive ideologies and how they lead to the repression of essential dimensions of our human existence. Also, we’ll explore together ways to recover those aspects of ourselves that are most vital and authentic, while discussing the risks we might need to take ​(or have taken) ​during this retrieval.


February Events


Healing Our Relationship with the Ancestors


Sunday, Feb 25th Sunday, March 25th
Sunday, April 22nd

Friday, May 18th


All evening classes run 6:00 – 8:30pm


*Full day Saturday, 10 am – 5pm,
June 23rd

Sunday, July 22nd



Sliding scale of $200-400 for entire workshop



Deepening, we again call people of European descent who are:


inspired to open up channels to Ancestors of family or cultural lineage so as to craft a fuller relationship: reducing the “splitting-off” of wisdom and beauty as well as traumas and patterns of oppression

roused to look more deeply at the ways race-based “privilege” operates for them today by reckoning with the actions of their families in previous generations as well as today

ready to integrate the travesties, tragedies and triumphs of their family heritage into the life they are leading now

open to exploring their relationship to the abandoned land of their forbearers and the expropriated land they live on now

charged by viewing this exploration as a contribution they can make to social justice issues and to future beings

able to commit to full attendance of this exploratory workshop and excited by experiential learning: movement, art and ceremony


Called to this second round of our Ancestor course? Visit http://wildcrocus-hbt.com/classes/ for more details and registration info. Limited space available.






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