The classes and workshops below can be custom designed for your community or organization.  They are informed by the teachings of Engaged Buddhism, Ancient European-American Wisdom principles, Environmental Psychology, Deep Ecology, the Divine Feminine, and teachers who include Chris Bache, Christina Donnell, Craig Hamilton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Huebl, Joanna Macy, Starhawk and countless others whom I have met along the path.

"Thank you for the gentle teaching that led me
to the divine truth hidden in my life.” 
—Julie Anne Larkin

Check out these options for your organization or group or peruse our “Past Flyers” for ideas by clicking here:


Fees are arranged according to the demographics of your group.

Living into the Gifts of Uncertain Times


As sacred sources around the world remind us, some gifts become more visible, more potent, more available to us in uncertain times. Joanna Macy’s teachings give us ways to accept the reality of the losses occurring now. We can move beyond the personal gifts and skills that mean success in the dominant society and shine a light on some of the gifts that are obscured by more secure times, gifts that crises bring forward. In the longer format, participants are stimulated to reflect on the gifts for these uncertain times that are emerging in them now.


Time range: 1 hour to 4 hours.

Coming Back To Life
This workshop inspires options for resilient responses to today’s challenges by framing a dynamic view of the collapse of systems around the globe and the simultaneous emergence of a new understanding of our interrelatedness. Uses deep ecology forms developed by Joanna Macy and facilitated around the world.


Best format is a weekend retreat. Can be presented in smaller sections.


Tools for Discerning Your Life’s Purpose

These changing times invite us to discern and bring forward the unique talents and longings that are being dreamed through each of us. We’ll delve into guided imagery, imagination, reflection, storytelling and ceremony to glean the insights that comprise our Life Purpose.


5 sessions of 2.5 hours.


Inanna’s Journey

A mythic story, transmitted through guided imagery, leads the journeyer deep into the inner world to explore and release memories and beliefs that hold us back from vitality, peace and joy.  A long evening event in the dark time of the year.

Responding to Earth’s Cries with an Open Heart

Climate change is often frightening and overwhelming to consider. In this class we look into the deep emotions that surround our reactions to climate and other systems that are changing rapidly around us. Learning to sense their messages, the wisdom lying at their base, the questions they would have us ask ourselves when they arise, we can come to view emotions as powerful allies in the resiliency we are called to develop for these times.


Time range: 1 hour to 4 hours

EcoSattva-in- Training course


  • What does it mean to express a Buddhist response to climate change?


  • What does our wisdom tradition and our love for this life call us to do?


  • How can we respond with insight, compassion and courage?


Join insightful international Buddhist teachers, activists, experts who look at these questions in an 8-week audio series designed by One Earth Sangha. With an interactive, live format, we’ll build a sense of community with other seekers. This course develops our capacity to effectively engage with climate change and other ecological challenges with resilience and wise actions grounded in caring more fully for one another and for all beings.

“...the energy and profundity of the series was tangible. I have been feeling ‘pushed’ in my personal life around the subject of the environment and so it was really wonderful to dive deeper into the struggle with so many wisdom figures whose message was ‘yes, this is reality, and we have the spiritual tools to hold this."
—Ecosattva participant fall 2015

Council of All Beings  
An experiential process that carries participants into a deep knowing of our vital connection with the Natural World. Each participant comes to speak for a particular species about their relationship with humans. One evening and following full day. 

Minimum of 10 people.

Book Study Groups


Active Hope: Facing the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone


A legendary eco-philosopher and a sustainability activist offer empowering answers to questions like: “But what can I do?” “What are personal changes I can make in order to be resilient?” “What are the best ways for me to stimulate positive social and ecological change?” Facilitated book discussions that explore these ideas through lively discussion, experiential exercises, DVD talks by Joanna Macy are available.


We can come to your group or coach you to facilitate.

We live in a provocative, evolving time that promises to impact how we live together on the planet, how we continue as a species, and how we understand ourselves
in relation to a larger universe...this is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces.

—Llyn Roberts

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