Am I the only one waking up at 3 am
anxious, worried about the quality of  life
for our children forty years from now
and for generations to come?

We live in astounding times. Much that we’ve taken for granted is collapsing all around us; much that we’ve imagined, envisioned, longed for, is birthing in each moment.  The myths, the fairytales, the indigenous lore from around the globe speak about these times. From the ashes, the Pheonix rises...


Feeling keenly both the results of enormous destruction and the emergence of breathtaking possibility for harmony amongst us, I’ve wrestled over the years with the kinds of questions you see here.


While I continue to reflect on them today, along the way I’ve learned a lot about navigating through them and find that I can often share deep comfort with others about this journey.


Read on to learn if you find yourself mirrored here and would like a traveling companion.

What can I do with the anger, sorrow, and/or fear that overwhelm me at times?


Where can I turn with my concerns about the ongoing extinction of other peoples, other cultures, many species on our precious Earth?


What are emerging states
of consciousness, gifts,
healing changes I’m sensing
in and around me?


How do I keep my heart open, feet
on the ground and myself and community resilient as we face these challenges?



How can I stabilize myself in deeper compassion and greater caring for myself, other life forms, our planet?


What creative actions can we take together
to respond to the changing climate?


Today there is an ongoing harvest of responses to questions like these grounded in mindful compassion, love of life, environmental psychology, ancient and modern wisdom ways and visions of potential harmony available to seekers.


Individuals: we can look together at these questions in one-to-one sessions. Spending time with them can lead naturally into sensing the gifts that are emerging in you in response to these queries.



Organizations: Contact me to begin a dialogue about your community’s unique interests and needs.



Together we will design ways to help people awaken to the compassion and caring that underly our Earthly existence.

“Kaia is a gentle, awake soul who guided our group expertly in various ways to help us connect and share our grief, rage, and joy around living in these ‘interesting’ times. Kaia brings her own rich background and her work with Joanna Macy to benefit all of us locally. The Great Turning is upon us and it is time to change the stories that we tell ourselves about reality.  For that we need courage that is informed by our emotions and our creativity.”


—Susan Nelson, Teacher, Minnesota Zen Meditation Center

To schedule with Kaia contact her at 612-722-2650 or


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Kaia’s creative and thought-provoking training will educate your organization about the longterm effects our work for wild special places or a climate-safe world has on our personal health and well-being. In a new and intriguing way she can translate any feelings of frustration, possible fear of failure, burnout, or uncertainty in an unknown future, into tools that will bring strength and resiliency to the recipient.


—Lois Norrgard, Alaska Wilderness League,
Upper Midwest Region Field Staff

Mindfulness for Changing Times 
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