A lifelong spiritual seeker, I began my professional career as a specialist for people with learning differences. Through this work, I developed the capacity to see unusual talents and gifts emerging
in people and to mirror these back to them.




After many years working as a professional, however, I found myself stressed and over-stimulated by the pace of work. I grew increasingly distracted. Sensitive to the woes of the world, I struggled with depression.


Searching for ways to relate more consciously to what grieved me, I benefited tremendously from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. In gratitude for what I’d received, I then taught that course for 20 years. My experience with the practice of mindfulness opened the door to balance, ease and inner peace for me.


Mindfulness meditation has given me enduring personal resources to navigate stressful periods and events, to shift my relationship to depression and to concentrate much better. I have learned a calmer, more accepting attitude towards myself and others and how to better appreciate the small moments of happiness in life.

In recent years, my work has shifted to blending mindfulness with resilient personal care for the tumultuous times we live in. Feelings of anger, fear and sorrow can be overwhelming. Drawing on the practice of mindfulness and the teachings of many wise people who see the dawn of a new day coming, I am developing classes and programs to help us face this challenge and move forward with caring and compassion as our guides.

“…there is an art of finding one's direction in the lower regions, by the memory of what one saw higher up.”

—Rene Daumal



• M.S. Education, B.A. Art History


• Spiritual Guide, Instructor, Program Designer


• Facilitator, The Work That Reconnects


• Instructor, The Tree & the Well


• Instructor, CEU course, Mindfulness-Based
Stress Reduction (MBSR)


• Instructor Emeritus: Penny George Institute, ANW Hospital; U of MN, Powderhorn/Phillips Cultural & Wellness Center, two prisons



• Adjunct Professor Emeritus, U of St Catherine’s Master’s Program in Holistic Health Studies

• Cofounder, Iraqi and American
Reconciliation Project


• Author, To Follow the Moon


• Wiccan Priestess


• Specialist in Learning Differences (SLBP)


• Cofounder, Elda Reading & Math Clinic


• Student of Indigenous Wisdom of Europe


• Lover of Wilderness, Myth and Metaphor

To schedule with Kaia contact her at 612-722-2650 or ksvien@iphouse.com

Mindfulness for Changing Times 
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