to an abundant woodland of resources available to assist you in finding, forging when needed, and following your path through Life.

This woodland is as rich and diverse as you are.

I am happy to share with you some of the resources I have turned to as a devoted seeker in psychological and spiritual realms during these changing times. These resources are designed to support the relationships and enhance the presence that you are creating with yourself, with other people, beings of other species, and our planet home.

Together we can blend gifts of mindfulness meditation with guidance for your personal growth drawing on the ancient wisdom ways of the ancestors. Here are classes designed to enhance your abilities to care for the wellbeing of ourselves and other life forms.  Join with fellow travelers as we face into the enormous contractions and expansions of these times, the labor pains of a new era coming into being.



A walk in the woods with me could include...


A focus on your personal journey to heal, love yourself more fully, recognize the gifts coming forward in you


An exploration of how you are understanding the Mystery of this Lifetime, the ways Life is coming to know itself through you


Discerning the internal and external support you’re seeking as you create relationships to others, to the planet, to change of vast systems.



Here are some ways I can be of use to you
as a guide:


  • Rekindling or deepening your mindfulness meditation practice


  • Applying mindfulness to daily life to build health and resilience, manage stress and ground your access to happiness


  • Becoming more present to yourself, to the moment, to others


  • Addressing lingering childhood wounds through visualization, myth, imagination, tenderness


  • Deep listening as you reflect on your life’s journey and purpose


  • Exploring states like confusion and anxiety, perhaps numbing out, about the rapid changes in society, international conditions, climate change


  •  Assisting you in sensing more profoundly what is birthing in the midst of all the familiar structures that are falling away around us


  • Guidance that ancient wisdom traditions, myths, and visionaries have for us today

Kaia Svien, M.S. is a meditation instructor, spiritual guide and program designer with more than 12 years of experience providing classes, workshops and private consultation in mindfulness practice focused on building psychological and spiritual resilience in the face of of turbulent climate, societal and international changes.


For 20 years, Kaia taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at hospitals, prisons and in the community and for 7 years, served as an adjunct professor at St. Catherine in the Holistic Health Studies Master’s Program. Kaia taught classes in the ancient wisdom of European Americans at the Powderhorn/Philips Cultural Wellness Center for a number of years and authored a novel, drawn from her studies there. She is the co-founder of the Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project and of eLDA Reading and Math Clinic. Kaia enjoys her time in Nature very much and is an avid backpacker and cross-country skier.

“If you're curious, passionate, about some of the paths these questions can take you on, join me in this woodland.”

—Kaia Svien

To Schedule with Kaia contact her
at 612-722-2650 or ksvien@iphouse.com

Mindfulness for Changing Times 
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